Whenever I leave town, I feel a genuine twinge of regret because I’m wasting money on rent. I live in Lagos and obviously, it’s my personal choice to leave town as often as I do. I love the mobility aspect of my work, because I come back to the west coast often (and prefer to stay for an extended period of time to get the most out of my plane ticket). But of course, I still need to pay rent for my apartment because it is still my place of residence. So instead, I am interested in finding solutions that allow me to make back my rent so that I’m not eating that money when I choose to travel. Living in any major city makes it much easier to make back your rent because people are vying for any sort of apartment space, and are typically willing to pay. 

If you, like me, are constantly worried about losing money when you leave your apartment, here are 4 ways to start making money off your apartment whenever you leave town:

1. Co-Tenant
I currently live with a roommate.. But when I lived alone, I Co-tenanted my apartment regularly. I am going to do a more in-depth post onCo-Tenanting as a side hustle with all the how to’s (and a few horror stories), but for now, I’ll say that I think this is a great solution for people leaving their apartments in the short term, as opposed to for a full month or more. Personally, I liked to be around to meet the guest (just in case), give them my keys and show them everything. Most Co-Tenanters are looking for a week stay, and you can set a minimum nights stay if you are going out of town for the entire week. Alternatively, you don’t have to be there when your guest checks out, and can agree on a safe spot to leave keys. To get started, follow this link, and take inviting photos of your apartment.

2. Sublet
There are two ways to go about subletting your apartment when you’re going out of town. If you’re going out of town for a week or so, asking around to friends is the best way to go. Put up a status on Facebook offering your place up for prorated rent. My roommate and I have (when we’ve left town at the same time) found one sublet and split the money between the two of us. You can get lucky when you put out feelers to see who wants to give you money to crash at your apartment for three weeks.

Obviously, if you’re going out of town for longer than just a few weeks, I would recommend posting on Co-Tenant, and drawing up paperwork.

3. Offer your apartment up as a movie location
This is the least work, but the hardest to come by. It’s a hard solution because it’s primarily through word-of-mouth. However, tapping into student films can easily make you money off your apartment. If you live near a college, there’s a good chance that students filming their thesis projects need an apartments (that’s not their own) and are willing to pay a few hundred dollars to use yours. This isn’t limited to the school year.

4. Offer Your apartment as an office space or a store


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