Cost Of Renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Abuja

Hello Folks We Look at the Cost of renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Abuja, due to the fact people have been asking for a more detailed cost of rent around Nigeria Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. It is located in the centre of Nigeria, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Abuja…

What is sharing Economy

Hi we took some of our definitions/explanations from Investopedia and Money Crashers According to investopedia What is the Sharing Economy The sharing economy is an economic model often defined as a peer-to-peer (P2P) based activity of acquiring, providing or sharing access to goods and services that are facilitated by a community based on-line platform….

Business Locations in Lagos with Core Focus

Hi Co-Tenant Here again Guys we would be look at business locations in Lagos with their core business focus, that is what kind of businesses can you Majorly find their. We will be short and quick Lets get started Idumota/Obalende/Cms/Broad Street and Victoria Island: This is the financial capital of Lagos, Here you would find…


South-eastern Nigeria was one of the initial 12 states created during the Nigerian Civil War, which later broke into the present Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State. South-east became the name of one of the six geo-political zones in the country in the 1990s consisting of Abia State, Anambra State, Ebonyi State, Enugu State…

Should Shared Office Space Be In Your Future?

A Look at an Alternative to Traditional Office Space Building your small business takes many dedicated hours in your office. Your office serves as a place of business operations, client communications, and a daily reminder of your purpose. It makes sense to choose your office space like any business decision; look at the alternatives and…

Why share an apartment?

Apartments in major cities are expensive and, for most people, renting on your own is going to be unaffordable unless you’re earning megabucks. For many, living with roommates is the best alternative to living somewhere out in the suburbs. After all, living in the city is all about living in the city, isn’t it? The…


170 million people, with per capita income above $5000, and a burgeoning middle class; it is easy to see why Nigeria is one of the most sought-after hubs for consumer goods globally. This unavoidably forces the establishment of large markets, specialized in retailing either groceries, tech devices or households appliances. Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is…

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